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Lateef Durosinmi - Director, Resource Group

Lateef Durosinmi is an experienced and qualified professional that has managed information technology and operations projects over the last 14 years, and has demonstrated best practices in managing the top corporate initiatives for healthcare organizations to drive measurable outcomes and serving as a trusted advisor to clients, fellow consultants, organization leadership. Lateef prides himself on understanding the diversity in patient populations and organizational culture. He possesses a knack for creating structure through project planning and seeing projects through to completion and "Post Go Live" project reporting.
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Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Landscape of Healthcare

Sep 21, 2021 7:00:00 AM / by Lateef Durosinmi - Director, Resource Group posted in Healthcare CxO Topics, Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way healthcare is done. There are already some Artificial Intelligence-based solutions in preventive medicine and patient monitoring. They can provide individuals with health information, and even suggest changes to lifestyle habits, all through a chatbot, SMS, or by using voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri.  The tech is already being used to help detect skin cancer and even treat Parkinson's disease. 

Even hospitals are looking at AI to improve patient care delivery, such as Clinical Decision Support Program (CDS). It provides clinicians with recommendations for diagnosis and treatment options, which could potentially reduce the occurrence of medical mistakes. There are also Artificial Intelligence-based solutions for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management, such as IBM's Watson Health. 

Some experts believe that Artificial Intelligence will streamline clinical workflows, improve efficiency, and reduce costs within healthcare. The adoption of AI in the industry is already underway with many hospitals either actively using or planning to implement this technology. 

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Six Tips to Staff Your Healthcare IT Project

Sep 8, 2021 5:50:36 AM / by Lateef Durosinmi - Director, Resource Group posted in Project Management, Staff Augmentation


Healthcare organizations today face the challenge of adopting and implementing a healthcare information technology (IT) project that is expected to deliver clinical and financial benefits. However, navigating this journey can be difficult without the right staff. 

Ask yourself: Who has the skills and staff for these positions? Is there a need to hire additional staff to meet the needs of this healthcare IT project? If so, what budget dollars are available?  Will this funding be in the form of internal or external hires? The answers to these questions will help you create a staffing strategy for your healthcare IT project. 

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