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ROI’s Insights Blog is intended for IT and Operational Leaders within our client organizations across the country. Each article is written with this audience in mind, to shed light on process and technology topics related to ERP (Finance, Supply Management, HCM, and IT) and HIS Clinical & Revenue Cycle areas. Each entry will be categorized by function and technical area, to aid in search and navigation.

The authors of this content include ROI’s experienced Workstream Leaders & Consultants who possess 10+ years of functional and technical expertise. Each post contains a brief profile summary of the writer for future reference. Thank you for your interest in this blog! https://roihs.com

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Julia Thiel

Julia is an Information Systems professional with extensive functional and technical experience in Infor Lawson (and other) ERP packaged software and applications development. Knowledge includes Organizational Change Management, Project/Program Management, Business Process Improvement/Optimization, enterprise-wide ERP implementations and Business Intelligence solutions with experience across multiple industries.
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HR & Payroll’s Critical Role in Overcoming COVID-19

Jun 2, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Julia Thiel posted in Human Capital Management, Payroll, Covid-19



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Why the HR & Payroll Partnership Matters

Dec 31, 2019 9:13:23 AM / by Julia Thiel posted in Human Capital Management, Payroll


A recent Aberdeen HR solutions report finds that more than 50% of organizations have inefficient Human Resource departments. While HR is responsible for managing everything from payroll to benefits to recruiting to employee onboarding and retention, its relationship with the payroll department is one of special significance. Before efficiency gains can be created in HR, it is important to identify how HR processes and system data specifically impact payroll.

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Demystify Payroll Taxes with this BSI Solution

May 1, 2019 4:01:25 PM / by Julia Thiel posted in Human Capital Management, Payroll


Are you struggling or frustrated with trying to understand payroll taxes? What about state tax reciprocity or multi-state taxing needs? There is an answer - BSI’s Tax Factory.

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These Good Payroll Practices Will Get You Through Year-end Easier

Nov 28, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by Julia Thiel posted in Human Capital Management, Payroll

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Are you ready for year-end?  What have you been doing all year long to prepare for year-end? 

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