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ROI’s Insights Blog is intended for IT and Operational Leaders within our client organizations across the country. Each article is written with this audience in mind, to shed light on process and technology topics related to ERP (Finance, Supply Management, HCM, and IT) and HIS Clinical & Revenue Cycle areas. Each entry will be categorized by function and technical area, to aid in search and navigation.

The authors of this content include ROI’s experienced Workstream Leaders & Consultants who possess 10+ years of functional and technical expertise. Each post contains a brief profile summary of the writer for future reference. Thank you for your interest in this blog! https://roihs.com

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Danielle Watson, VP of Marketing

Danielle leads all of ROI’s marketing & sales operations efforts to promote ROI's customer success, trusting relationships, and impact in the healthcare industry. She has been in the IT services business for over 20 years, focused on innovation, customer-centric consulting, sales strategy & operations, field enablement, marketing services, and IT delivery.
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CIO Interview: CHIME 2021 Spring Conference Recap

May 18, 2021 9:22:00 AM / by Danielle Watson, VP of Marketing posted in Healthcare CxO Topics, CIO, Events


Time Well Spent: CHIME 2021 Spring Conference

Over 300 attendees spent time networking recently at the well-organized and highly anticipated CHIME Spring Conference. While the limitations of virtual conferences were still at play, CHIME still managed to do a great job getting folks together for an intimate reception, stellar entertainment, and a reminiscent time of what the group can accomplish when they share their wisdom with one another. Networking is one of the top strategies for CxO growth and CHIME plays an integral role in their collective success.

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CIO Interview: The Real Scoop on MEDITECH Expanse

Feb 24, 2021 3:14:41 PM / by Danielle Watson, VP of Marketing posted in EHR, Legacy Support, MEDITECH


Guiding Principles for a Successful Implementation


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7 Networking Tips for Extroverts & Introverts

Jan 22, 2019 8:45:00 AM / by Danielle Watson, VP of Marketing posted in Professional Development



Acknowledging your strengths, your source of energy, and your contributions in large conference settings is an important first step to making the most of your investment. If you are planning to travel all the way to a conference or other networking event, you might as well have a plan that leaves you feeling energized and inspired to make positive changes in your organization. 

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