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ROI’s Insights Blog is intended for IT and Operational Leaders within our client organizations across the country. Each article is written with this audience in mind, to shed light on process and technology topics related to ERP (Finance, Supply Management, HCM, and IT) and HIS Clinical & Revenue Cycle areas. Each entry will be categorized by function and technical area, to aid in search and navigation.

The authors of this content include ROI’s experienced Workstream Leaders & Consultants who possess 10+ years of functional and technical expertise. Each post contains a brief profile summary of the writer for future reference. Thank you for your interest in this blog! https://roihs.com

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Rick Whitten - Director, PMO (ROIHS)

Adept leader whose people skills, decision-making ability, and technical knowledge are successfully combined to train, coach, mentor, and manage internal/external teams in the Finance, Supply Chain, and Human Capital Management space.
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Creating Project Harmony with Communication (Part 2)

Aug 21, 2018 3:50:00 PM / by Rick Whitten - Director, PMO (ROIHS)


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Creating Project Harmony with Communication (Part 1)

Aug 14, 2018 2:00:00 PM / by Rick Whitten - Director, PMO (ROIHS)


Perhaps no other aspect of project management during the course of software implementation is more important than communication. Project managers spend between 70% - 90% of their time on communications.  In this blog entry, I’ll describe the different types of project communication. In a follow-on blog entry, I’ll offer my thoughts on the elements of effective communication and some tips to improve your project communications.

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